Social Media Associate, GrubHub Brand Marketing

During my time at GrubHub we hosted a week-long scavenger hunt contest dubbed "SnapHunt," a first for any brand on the platform. Each day for one week, a new challenge was posted for followers to complete for a chance at $50 in free Grub. Over 30 percent of GrubHub's Snapchat followers participated and our followers increased by of 20 percent during the contest.

Snapchat Success

As an early adopter of Snapchat, I helped GrubHub establish best practices on how a brand can be successful on Snapchat. While the main goal was to reach a younger demographic of diners no longer present on traditional social media, we found that engaging contests, frequent content and one-to-one interactions allowed us to grow an overall user-base.

Acquisition + IPO

In addition to the fast pace of a start up I was part of the team that helped manage the brand as we merged with our top competitor, Seamless. Shortly after, we began a new adventure as we became a publicly traded company. I gained great experience in managing communications and learning the rules and regulations.