I'm Katie! I was born and raised in Chicago and have the strong midwestern work ethic to match. I'm a maker at heart and feel most purposeful when I'm helping others and creating positive experiences. I love all things Tiki and the immersive escape that can only be found at the bottom of a ceramic mug. 


I Majored In Glassmaking at Illinois State University

Glass mold-making and cast production work was my focus, but I also can traditionally blow and lamp work glass. While I don't get the opportunity to do it that much anymore, the skills and patience I learned from this art translate remarkably well to the work I do today.

I Got Engaged On The Internet

On Leap Day in 2012, my boyfriend took over the front page of Buzzfeed and asked the internet to help him propose to me. According to several major news outlets the proposal went viral and to this day our story gets included in top digital marriage proposal lists. It's searchable under #SayYesKatie. 

Spoiler Alert: He's now my husband. You can find him here.


I Have A Masters In New Media Studies From DePaul University

Based in Digital Communication, New Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the production and consumption of cultural content through digital media. Coursework in PR + Advertising, Human Computer Interaction, and Digital Design. Capstones courses focusing in Data Visualizations and Social Media. Graduated with distinction in June of 2012.


My Pup Gizmo Is Adorable

'nuff said, right?

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